Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Desvelarse To wake up in the middle of the night. Be unable to fall asleep. Spanish event adverse
Charmolypi "Joy-making sorrow". A mixed feeling of happiness while being sad. Greek happiness adverse philosophy
Enxebre Something pure and very authentic Galician positive attribute
Tempus fugit Time flies, flees, escapes. Latin time
Donaldkacsázás Translated as “Donald ducking” or wandering around one’s house with a shirt but no trousers Hungarian funny action
Vypendrivatsja (выпендриваться) To behave in a way that makes one look more important or special than one is, to ride the high horse, to show off Russian character society
Latah Uncontrollable habit of saying embarrassing things Indonesian habits
Verschlimmbesserung An attempt at improvement that makes things worse than they already were German adverse
Ômä (өмә) Collective helping Bashkir society positive
Luftmensch Literal: "air person". Refers to someone who is a bit of a dreamer Yiddish attribute
Spannungsbogen A sequence of events which build up suspense and/or tension German event exciting
Talkoot a collectively pursued/undertaken task; voluntary community work. Finnish event society
Ḥôjônsô (һөйөнсө) Good news for which a reward is given Bashkir positive event
Panapoo'o The act of searching your head in order to help you remember something you have forgotten. Hawaiian habits
Philotimo (φιλότιμο) The inner impulse to act well and in alignment with the moral virtues that represent one's own society and upbringing Greek society character family
Philotimo Love of honour Greek character
Jein Yes and no German attribute measurement
Seigneur-terrasse Someone who spends time, but not money, at a café French funny life
Cafuné Tenderly running your fingers through your lover's hair Portuguese love
Pneúma (πνεῦμα) Wind; breath; spirit. Greek physical
Kucir A tuft of hair left to grow on top of an otherwise bald head Indonesian physical change
Rauxa Sudden determination or action; rapture Catalan action strength
Vybafnout To jump out and say "boo" Czech action funny surprise
Angushti za'id Someone with six fingers Russian physical
Xiao xiao The whistling and pattering of rain or wind Chinese nature beauty sound
Nutro (Нутро) Something that governs your inner being; your core Russian strength character
Uitwaaien To take a refreshing break outdoors in windy weather Dutch nature life beauty
Abbiocco The feeling of falling asleep after lunch or dinner Italian food feeling
Insouciant Free from worry, concern, or anxiety English positive
Stushevatsya To fade into the background Russian action

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