Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Desus The quiet, smooth sound of somebody farting although not very loudly Indonesian sound funny action
Seijaku (静寂) Quiet (sei) tranquillity (jaku); silence, calm, serenity (especially in the midst of activity or chaos). Japanese awareness beauty
Meraki Describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever it may be. Greek emotion strength
Goesting Looking forward to, can't wait, have an appetite for Dutch positive feeling
Lachesism The desire to be struck by disaster - to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire English thinking life fate
Aegyo (애교) Accentuated cute behaviour (voice/facial expression/gestures); Frequently used by K-pop idols (all genders) as fan service. Also used as a sign of affection towards loved ones (family or romantic partners). Korean cultural
Fensterln To visit a girl who you fancy either by coming to her window or climbing through it to see her German love action persistence
Culaccino The mark left on the table by a cold glass Italian physical food
Dor The heartbreak and sense of longing you feel because you’re separated from your love Romanian love adverse
Guān xì (關係) Cultivating relationships; reciprocal connections; networking; social karma. Chinese society friends
Shuhari A Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery. Roughly is translated to "to keep, to fall, to break away". To first learn the fundamentals (shu), then to break away from traditions (ha), then finally to transcend to where there are no techniques (ri). To "beomce one with the spirit alone". Japanese growth
Iktsuarpok The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming. Inuktitut awareness persistence feeling
Rè nào (熱鬧) Not only fun and lively, but also has a special vibe that makes everyone want to be there. Chinese positive music
Ramé Something that is both chaotic and joyful at the same time Indonesian life attribute
Mambo Someone that still lives with their mother Swedish family persistence society
Utepils The act of sitting outside on a sunny day enjoying a beer Norwegian event life positive
Ignōrāmus Lit. ‘we do not know’ (e.g., the spirit of scientific enquiry), or ‘we take no notice of’ (used in legal contexts, e.g., when deemed evidence to be inadmissible). Latin philosophy growth
Chantepleurer Singng and crying simultaneously French action
Apapachar Pamper a person especially when she or he is sad Spanish action
Rückkehrunruhe The feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness. German awareness time
Propuh A draft of air usually created by opening doors on opposite sides of the house or windows in a car. Some believe it can cause diseases or even kill you. Bosnian adverse physical
kataṟu (கதறு) Helplessly shaking and crying Tamil action adverse
Putzfimmel Adjective for someone who is obsessed with cleaning German habits
Schnapsleiche So who passed out drunk ("liquor corpse") German adverse event friends
Uffda A sympathetic word to be used when someone else is in pain. It combines ‘Ouch for you’ and ‘Oh, I’m sorry you hurt yourself’ Norwegian empathy emotion awareness
Dépaysement The feeling of being in an environment that you are not used to French feeling awareness change
Şikemperver Someone who is very fond of eating and drinking Turkish food happiness
Egyszer volt budán kutyavásár Literal: "there was a dog-market in Buda only once"; translates to essentially a once in a lifetime opportunity Hungarian life fate exciting
Mauri ora The essence that animates humans Nogay character
Parea A group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences about life, their philosophies, values and ideas. Greek friends philosophical

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