Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Vemödalen The fear that everything has already been done. For example: the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist. English philosophy awareness art
Ghalidan Rolling from side to side as lovers do Tamil love action connection
Pekopeko Bowing one's head repeatedly in a grovelling manner Japanese physical action
Yokomeshi Literal: "meal eaten sideways"; the stress caused by speaking a foreign language Japanese stress feeling awareness
Selcouth Rare, strange, marvellous, wondrous. English attribute
Muskelkater Charley horse ("muscle cat") German physical
Razbliuto The feeling for someone you used to love but no longer do Russian love change awareness
Saper vivere The ability to handle people and situations with charm, diplomacy and verve; cf. savior faire (French). Italian friends attribute
Abquatulate To leave without saying goodbye English action
Qualunquismo Political apathy; people who really don’t care very much about politics and related issues in society Italian society
Erklärungsnot The state of having to quickly explain yourself German action sress
Bajativo A post-meal drink to help with digestion Tamil food
Obhimaan (অভিমান ) Anger, or something close to it, at being upset with a loved one. Abhiman is not anger or sorrow. It is a temporary expression of a feeling about a loved one that he or she is supposed to address. Bengali adverse feeling
Irusu Pretending to be out when someone knocks at your door Japanese event funny
Gulugulu The sound of a pitcher filling with water Tulu physical sound
Pole Sorry; can also express empathy and understanding. Swahili thinking life
Anima Soul; spirit; breath; mind Latin positive awareness
Vellichor The strange wistfulness of used bookshops English feeling
Chantepleurer Singng and crying simultaneously French action
Moriturism The sudden reminder that you will one day no longer occupy this earth English awareness philosophy life
Maktub "Everything is destined and written" Arabic philosophy fate
Qì (氣) Lit. air, breath; ‘life force/energy’. Chinese health awareness
Gula Gluttony, greed; indulgence; eating simply for the taste (i.e., not from hunger). Spanish adverse
Angrillen Beginning the grilling season German food event
Lieko A tree trunk that has fallen to the bottom of a lake Finnish nature
Schnapsdrossel A person that drinks a lot but rarely gets drunk German food habits
Sokaiya A man with a few shares in several companies who extorts money by threatening to come to the shareholders' meetings and cause trouble Japanese adverse
Startijenn A kickstart/boost of energy; also denotes perseverance. Breton strength
Buksvåger Literally means "abdomen brothers-in-law"; used for two men who have slept with the same woman Swedish physical
Moledro A feeling of resonant connection with an author or artist you'll never meet, who may have lived centuries ago and thousands of miles away English awareness connection

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