Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Mana The prestige, power, dominance of something or someone Māori attribute
Altschmerz Weariness with the same old issues that you've always had - the same boring flaws and anxieties that you've been gnawing for years. German adverse growth attribute
Mensch A person of integrity and honour Yiddish character attribute
Frostbeule Someone that is very sensitive to cold. That friend that always feels cold. ("frost bite") German attribute friends
Manja Childlike behaviour by women designed to elicit sympathy or pampering by men Malay attribute
Friolero Someone that is very sensitive to cold. That friend that always feel cold. Spanish attribute friends
tuḷir (துளிர்) Technically "a baby leaf", but it specifcally means a freshness tenderness, delicateness Tamil attribute beauty
Oxymoron Figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction English attribute confusion
Ninot A ninot is a figure with human representation. In a conversation, it means a person without personality. Valencian attribute
Fachidiot Someone who knows a great deal about a very narrow subject German thinking attribute
Pomicione A man who seizes any chance of being in close contact with a woman Italian attribute
Qì zhì (氣质) Quality of character, disposition, style, charm, attractiveness, magnetism. Chinese attribute positive
Handschuhschneeballwerfer A person who wears gloves to throw snowballs; a wimp German action attribute
Paavam Someone who is innocent, naive, not well-versed with ways of the world Malayalam attribute
Gourmand One who is excessively fond of eating and drinking. French food attribute
Nameer (نمير) Clear water. Arabic nature attribute
Lepos Charm, grace, wit, elegance, allure. Latin positive attribute
Jouissance "an excess of life", often translated as joy but also can be understood as catharsis French attribute
Kæk Spirited, bold, cheeky, cocky. Danish attribute
Pålägg Anything that you can put in a sandwich Swedish food attribute
Jein Yes and no German attribute measurement
Pochemuchka A person who asks a lot of questions Russian friends attribute habits
Warmduscher Literal: 'A person that takes warm showers'; to describe those who have trouble stepping out of their comfort zone German funny attribute growth
Shibui Old school cool Japanese attribute
Selcouth Rare, strange, marvellous, wondrous. English attribute

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