Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia was built in 24h by Steph. Search 700+ untranslatable words by 80+ languages and 60+ tags, or click refresh to see a new batch. Enjoy!

Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Uitbuiken Literally means giving your belly or stomach space to expand after a proper dinner. It signifies being so full that you really have to go lay down and ''uitbuiken''. Dutch food action
Goesting Looking forward to, can't wait, have an appetite for Dutch positive feeling
Gezelligheid Coziness, fun, the general togetherness that gives people a warm feeling. Dutch friends society positive
Levensgenieter Someone who loves life deeply; is devoted Dutch life happiness positive
Kweesten Inviting a lover into your bed for some pillow talk Dutch love action event
Uitwaaien To take a refreshing break outdoors in windy weather Dutch nature life beauty
Gezellig A warm feeling of cozyness, but also have good times with friends af a party. Dutch feeling positive
Pretoogjes Lit. 'fun eyes'; the twinkling eyes of someone engaging in benign mischief or fun. Dutch attribute phsyical
Voorpret That feeling of excitement you get even before an event actually takes place. Literally translates to “pre-fun.” Dutch happiness feeling exciting
Niksen Sitting down and do nothing at all, thinking of nothing at all Dutch feeling awareness
Weemoed Lit. sadness, woe (wee) courage, daring, mood (moed); soft mood; light melancholy; having the strength to overcome a feeling of sorrow (e.g., arising in relation to nostalgia). Dutch adverse growth
Mangomoment "What can I do now for you, to make you happy?" Dutch love friends connection
Rokjesdag "Skirt day"; the first day of the spring when there is a youthful vibrance in the air and when it is warm enough to wear a short skirt bare-legged Dutch weather clothing

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