Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia was built in 24h by Steph. Search 700+ untranslatable words by 80+ languages and 60+ tags, or click refresh to see a new batch. Enjoy!

Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Aka'aka'a Skin peeling or falling off after either sunburn or heavy drinking Hawaiian physical adverse
Ho╩╗oponopono Mutual forgiveness. Hawaiian connection character emotion
Panapoo'o The act of searching your head in order to help you remember something you have forgotten. Hawaiian habits
Akihi The forgetfulness felt immediately after being given directions Hawaiian stress confusion travel
O ka la nokonoko A day spent in nervous anticipation of a coughing spell Hawaiian thinking health stress
Mahalo Thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude as a way of living Hawaiian positive
Kuleana Self-imposed responsibility, duty, service Hawaiian strength character
A'ama Someone who speaks rapidly, hiding their meaning from one person while communicating it to another Hawaiian interaction
Hammajang "All messed up" Hawaiian adverse

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