Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
inssa Short word of insider = trendy people who catch up with the trends Korean society
Urkn Similar to Siwon but has a greater depth in taste. Literally derived from "face-chilling spicy" Usually used to describe heavier stews than word "siwon" Korean food taste
Eomchina Contraction of the phrase "Mom's friend's son". Academically successful (and possibly wealthy) male student who is the target of envy among others Korean family society work
Kibun Your state of mind with respect to your place in the world. Korean reflection awareness
답답하다 Dabdabhae Literally means stuffy; the feeling of needing to get something off your chest. Or when you want to say something but can't, or an awkward situation where people aren't saying what they mean. Korean social feeling
Siwon Usually meanng cool or cold, but when used in the context of dining, means the taste which achieves the ideal umami such that the food feels cool Korean food attribute
Dapjeongneo Used when someone asks a question despite knowing the answer, expecting the listener to make a smart and studied guess Korean society interaction
Gamchil Korean word of Umami, best translated as "flavorful" and "tasty." Used often when describing a dish that achieves entirely new level of flavor by combining elements from ukegon, meaning land, sea and sky. Korean food taste
chimak Chicken and beer Korean food
Aegyo (애교) Accentuated cute behaviour (voice/facial expression/gestures); Frequently used by K-pop idols (all genders) as fan service. Also used as a sign of affection towards loved ones (family or romantic partners). Korean cultural
Goso When you smell sesame oil - that nutty, flavorful, aromatic - mostly used to describe smells of sesame and/or bean paste Korean sensory food
Han Sorrow, regret, grief, resentment, "a dull ache of the soul", yet passive and not revenge seeking; waiting for the injustice to be righted Korean society persistence adverse
Nunchi The art of listening to a person and identifying his or her moods or emotions. The literal combination of "eye" and measure" Korean interaction connection emotion

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