Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Aşermek The experience of craving certain foods while pregnant Turkish food
Siftah First sale of the day for merchant Turkish event
Kolay gelsin "may it come easy for you"; said to those who are busy Turkish interaction connection
Efkar The boredom of the soul. A lovely moment, that you need to be so happy, but instead you feel with a deep sorrow. Turkish feeling adverse
Hissikablelvuku To sense something before it actually happens Turkish fate time
Ehvenişer When choosing between bad things, the lesser of two evils. Turkish philosophy
Ciğerparem Describe love to someone who is in the deepest part of his/her heart; refers to someone that you love as much as your own body. Turkish love connection
Üşenmek To be too lazy to do something Turkish energy
Hüzün Originally pain and sorrow over a loss, but also can mean melancholy associated with a sense of failure in life and a gloomy feeling that things will likely get worse. Turkish adverse emotion
Yakamoz The reflection of moonlight or other lights on water Turkish nature beauty
İmece The gathering of many people and doing the work of one person Turkish community
Sensizlik the state and the concept of being without you, not having you Turkish feeling love
Mecnun "madly in love" to the point of actual mental instability Turkish love emotion
Şikemperver Someone who is very fond of eating and drinking Turkish food happiness
Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine The longest word in Turkish, meaning, ‘It's as though you are from those whom we may not be able to easily make into a maker of unsucessful ones.’ Turkish attribute
Döşek Anything that you can use when you are laying down or sleeping Turkish physical

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