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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Hygge A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Danish life feeling
Hireath A deep longing for home Welsh reflection feeling
Oodal Overly exaggerated, fake anger that follows a lovers’ quarrel Tamil love event feeling
Kilig It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs; butterflies. Tagalog feeling love connection
Kuebiko A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence Japanese adverse feeling
Goesting Looking forward to, can't wait, have an appetite for Dutch positive feeling
Forelsket The euphoria you feel when you're first falling in love. Norwegian love feeling change
Dépayser Disorientation; not necessarily unpleasant (e.g., a pleasant sense of strangeness from being in a foreign country). French change feeling
Morriña Nostalgia that you feel when you are far from home Galician feeling awareness life
Age-otori The bad feeling one gets after a terrible haircut Japanese adverse event feeling
Obhimaan (অভিমান ) Anger, or something close to it, at being upset with a loved one. Abhiman is not anger or sorrow. It is a temporary expression of a feeling about a loved one that he or she is supposed to address. Bengali adverse feeling
Dépaysement The feeling of being in an environment that you are not used to French feeling awareness change
Eunoirophrenia The peace of mind that comes with having pleasant dreams. Greek feeling positive
Duende The mysterious power of art to deeply move a person Spanish art feeling emotion
Greng-jai The feeling of not wanting to impose Thai feeling society
Yaqin (يقين) Certitude and freedom from doubt. Arabic feeling awareness
Morriña To miss something, especially your land, the place where you lived or were born. Galician feeling awareness reflection
Iktsuarpok The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming. Inuktitut awareness persistence feeling
Bixomets Shame on behalf of others Catalan feeling adverse
Abbiocco The feeling of falling asleep after lunch or dinner Italian food feeling