Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Listopad The falling of the leaves Russian nature event
Zhì (智) Wisdom, perspicacity, knowledge. Chinese thinking awareness
Ignōrāmus Lit. ‘we do not know’ (e.g., the spirit of scientific enquiry), or ‘we take no notice of’ (used in legal contexts, e.g., when deemed evidence to be inadmissible). Latin philosophy growth
S’encoubler To describe a fall, but specifically one where you fell due to being tangled in something French physical event adverse
Nunchi The art of listening to a person and identifying his or her moods or emotions. The literal combination of "eye" and measure" Korean interaction connection emotion
Myötähäpeä Secondhand embarrassment Finnish adverse feeling
Chai-Pani Literal: "tea and water"; the money and favors given to someone to get things done Hindi food action
Pole Sorry; can also express empathy and understanding. Swahili thinking life
Desus The quiet, smooth sound of somebody farting although not very loudly Indonesian sound funny action
Abbiocco The feeling of falling asleep after lunch or dinner Italian food feeling
Mahalo Thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude as a way of living Hawaiian positive
Nadryv (Надрыв) Literally means "to tear or break", but can also mean the inner tension of someone who is about to break Russian stress emotion
Jumpa To jump from one floating piece of ice to another Swedish physical nature
Şırış Mucus or the sweet sugary residue from fruits or other treats Nogay food
Lagom Not too much and not too little Swedish measurement
Avoir la molle A listless unwillingness to do any work French adverse
Moledro A feeling of resonant connection with an author or artist you'll never meet, who may have lived centuries ago and thousands of miles away English awareness connection
Titip To temporarily entrust something to a person Indonesian trust
Taraadin A happy solution for everyone Arabic happiness society
Onsay Pretend to love Boro life
Chaval al hazman (חבל אל הזמן) Literally "shame on time"; referring to an amazing experience that you don't want to end Yiddish beauty happiness time
Schadenfreude To be happy when things go wrong for someone else German adverse society
Innerer Schweinehund Literal: 'Inner pig dog'; the lazy voice in your head. It symbolizes the part of you that doesn’t want to go jogging, that prefers staying at home with chocolate and pizza and is just generally lazy. German feeling life health
Pneúma (πνεῦμα) Wind; breath; spirit. Greek physical
Verklempt Completely overcome with emotion Yiddish emotion
Hiraeth A deep longing for home Welsh reflection feeling
Jayus A joke that is so unfunny (or told so badly) that you just have to laugh. Indonesian funny
Oodal Overly exaggerated, fake anger that follows a lovers’ quarrel Tamil love event feeling
Dépaysement The feeling of being in an environment that you are not used to French feeling awareness change
Morgenfrisk Feeling rested after a good night's sleep Danish health physical

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