Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Opia the ambiguous intensity of eye-contact which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable. English society awareness
Jhoota Food eaten by someone and left in the plate Hindi food
Wintercearig Literally "winter sorrow"; a feeling of deep sadness related to the cold, still, dark nature of winter English weather emotion adverse
Bajativo A post-meal drink to help with digestion Tamil food
Angrillen Beginning the grilling season German food event
Liberosis The desire to care less about things. English thinking awareness
Jumpa To jump from one floating piece of ice to another Swedish physical nature
Ayurnamat The philosophy that there is no point in worrying about events that cannot be changed Inuktitut philosophy
Schnappsidee An idea so stupid the person must have thought of it while drunk German funny thinking creativity
Fingerspitzengefühl Literal: “finger tips feeling", but means an intuitive feel or to have one's finger on the pulse German feeling
Bimyou Not bad, or "meh" Japanese attribute
sobremesa After-dinner conversation Spanish food friends
Hoppilandkalle Guy who jumps to dry land to moor a boat Swedish action
Goya (گویا) The transporting suspension of disbelief that can occur in storytelling Urdu surprise
Frostbeule Someone that is very sensitive to cold. That friend that always feels cold. ("frost bite") German attribute friends
Tretår A second refill or “threefill” of coffee Swedish measurement food
Ser/Estar The verb 'to be' is two different verbs in Spanish. Ser is 'what you are' and estar is 'how you are/where you are' Spanish attribute
Muskelkater Charley horse ("muscle cat") German physical
Packesel The person who’s stuck carrying everyone else’s bags on a trip German travel physical
Drachenfutter A gift to your significant other as a form of apology German love feeling
Wegbier A beer you're having on your way somewhere (i.e. a party) German friends event food
Ngaobera A slight inflammation of the throat caused by screaming too much Pascuense adverse action health
Vorfreude The joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures German time awareness happiness
Weemoed Lit. sadness, woe (wee) courage, daring, mood (moed); soft mood; light melancholy; having the strength to overcome a feeling of sorrow (e.g., arising in relation to nostalgia). Dutch adverse growth
Spannungsbogen A sequence of events which build up suspense and/or tension German event exciting
Sayang Describes when you've wasted an opportunity Tagalog adverse reflection
Lieko A tree trunk that has fallen to the bottom of a lake Finnish nature
Mokita The truth we all know but agree not to talk about. Kilivila awareness thinking society
Apapachar Pamper a person especially when she or he is sad Spanish action
Tempus fugit Time flies, flees, escapes. Latin time

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