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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Levensgenieter Someone who loves life deeply; is devoted Dutch life happiness positive
Innerer Schweinehund Literal: 'Inner pig dog'; the lazy voice in your head. It symbolizes the part of you that doesn’t want to go jogging, that prefers staying at home with chocolate and pizza and is just generally lazy. German feeling life health
moņ (моң) Sadness; melody; lyricism Bashkir adverse music
kaṟpu (கற்பு) Determination to chastity, even in the face of adversity Tamil strength
Gemütlichkeit An atmosphere of belonging, relaxation, chilled music, great food and drink German music food life
Crapoter verb. To not take not take a lungful of a cigarette. French health action society
Shouganai It cannot be helped. Japanese philosophy fate
Hikikomori When a young person who is obsessed with TV, video games, and the internet, withdraws from society Japanese habits society
Palla To steal fruit off trees Swedish funny action food
Eunoia (εὔνοια) A well-mind; beautiful thinking Greek beauty thinking
Schulbildend Inspiring or leading to the creation of schools of thought. German growth philosophy
Þetta reddast it will all work out ok' (used especially when things don't look optimistic!). Icelandic fate
Aesthete Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature English art beauty
(يقبرني) Ya'aburnee A way to declare your hope that your loved one will outlive you because of how unbearable it would be to live without them. Arabic love time strength
Jijivisha The strong, eternal desire to live and to continue living Hindi philosophy life awareness
L’ecole stratim (לאכול סרטים) Literally "to eat motives"; describing a person that loves drama Yiddish extreme interaction
Solkatt The glimmer that reflects the sunshine off a wristwatch Swedish physical beauty
Jayus A joke that is so unfunny (or told so badly) that you just have to laugh. Indonesian funny
Mágoa A heart-breaking feeling that leaves long-lasting traces, visible in gestures and facial expressions Portuguese adverse emotion
Mana The prestige, power, dominance of something or someone Māori attribute
Kuebiko A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence Japanese adverse feeling
Mambo Someone that still lives with their mother Swedish family persistence society
Viraag The emotional pain felt from being away from the person you love Hindi emotion love connection
Panapoo'o The act of searching your head in order to help you remember something you have forgotten. Hawaiian habits
Tima Not being ready to spend time or money on a specific thing, despite being able to afford it Icelandic thinking action
Dygn Day and night; 24 hours Swedish measurement
Bon vivant Someone who enjoys and appreciates the good life. French positive happiness
Eunoia A well-mind; beautiful thinking Greek beauty
Stushevatsya To fade into the background Russian action
Zažitjsja (зажиться) To keep living beyond the point where one feels they would be better off dead Russian dead adverse

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