Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia was built in 24h by Steph. Search 700+ untranslatable words by 80+ languages and 60+ tags, or click refresh to see a new batch. Enjoy!

Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Nameer (نمير) Clear water. Arabic nature attribute
Friluftsliv “Free air life,” signifying a fundamental understanding of the positive impact of being in nature Norwegian nature health
Lieko A tree trunk that has fallen to the bottom of a lake Finnish nature
Badkruka Someone who refuses to enter a body of water. Eg. Get in the lake you badkruka, or am I going to have to pull you in by your beard? Swedish funny nature explore
Yuputka A word made for walking in the woods at night, it’s the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin Ulwa nature adverse
Listopad The falling of the leaves Russian nature event
Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) bathing' in the forest (literally and/or metaphorically). Japanese nature event
Guddle To fish using the hands, by searching under stones at a river bank Scottish action nature
Dørstokkmila The longest mile between your cozy couch in your fireplace-candlelight-cabin-hygge and the door threshold. It would be "door-threshold-mile", loosely translated Norwegian nature
Gökotta To rise at dawn in order to go out and listen to the birds sing Swedish nature beauty
Calacala Children wading through water as they play Tulu family physical nature
Komorebi (木漏れ日) Lit. wood is ‘leaking’ sunlight; dappled sunlight filtering through leaves. Japanese nature beauty
Camhanaich Half-light; early morning twilight Irish event nature
Jumpa To jump from one floating piece of ice to another Swedish physical nature
Resol That kind of sun light, non direct, when the sun is covered by clouds that still hurts the eyes. Mallorquín nature
Waldeinsamkeit The feeling of solitude in the woods German nature beauty
Frischluftfanatiker literal translation: fresh air fanatic; referring to a person who tends to keep the windows open to get fresh air, even in winter or someone who always tries to be outside in the open air German nature
Volya (Воля) "Freedom" and "will", but also vast natural landscape Russian nature beauty
Petrichor The smell of earth after rain English nature beauty
Skare A thin layer of ice on top of snow Swedish physical nature
Chrysalism An amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm. English nature beauty
Celístia Brighness from the stars Catalan nature physical
cāral (சாரல்) A gentle secondary drizzle either from a waterfall or rain Tamil nature
Psithurism The sound of wind through trees English nature beauty
Volta During certain hours of the early evening, around dusk, everyone in the town who might feel like going for a walk takes a saunter or stroll up and down the main street Greek time physical nature

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