Words That Don't Translate
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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Psithurism The sound of wind through trees English nature beauty
Resol That kind of sun light, non direct, when the sun is covered by clouds that still hurts the eyes. Mallorquín nature
mångata The roadlike reflection of moonlight on water Swedish nature beauty
Chrysalism An amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm. English nature beauty
Nameer (نمير) Clear water. Arabic nature attribute
Werifesteria To wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery English nature explore
Cynefin A place where a person or an animal feels it ought to live and belong; it is where nature around you feels right and welcoming Welsh nature feeling
En plein air Outdoors; in the open air. French nature physical
Celístia Brighness from the stars Catalan nature physical
Waldeinsamkeit The feeling of solitude in the woods German nature beauty
Abendrot The colour of the sky when the sun is setting German nature beauty
Komorebi (木漏れ日) Lit. wood is ‘leaking’ sunlight; dappled sunlight filtering through leaves. Japanese nature beauty
Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) bathing' in the forest (literally and/or metaphorically). Japanese nature event
Offing The deep, distant stretch of the ocean that is still visible from the land; the foreseeable future English nature beauty
Pertichor The smell of earth after rain English nature beauty