Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia was built in 24h by Steph. Search 500+ untranslatable words by 70+ languages and 50+ tags, or click refresh to see a new batch. Enjoy!

Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Waldeinsamkeit The feeling of solitude in the woods German nature beauty
Abendrot The colour of the sky when the sun is setting German nature beauty
Aesthete Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature English art beauty
Serendipity The development of events by chance that result in a beneficial way Tamil event beauty life
Livsnjutare Someone who loves life deeply Swedish love life beauty
Vozdukh (Воздух) "Air" but also "the stack of spirit". To breathe in is to "take the spirit inside". Russian beauty physical
Recherché Rare, exotic, unusual; not understood or appreciated by many people. French beauty attribute
Kintsukuroi To repair with gold. Understanding that a piece is more beautiful for having broken. Japanese beauty change
Numinous Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted - the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed an inspired English beauty emotion
Uitwaaien To take a refreshing break outdoors in windy weather Dutch nature life beauty
Eunoia A well-mind; beautiful thinking Greek beauty
Petrichor The smell of earth after rain English nature beauty
Commuovere "Heartwarming,” but specifically refers to a story that moved you to tears Italian beauty interaction emotion
Punya “Merit,” “virtue”, “sacred", "good karma", among other things Sanskrit beauty
Solkatt The glimmer that reflects the sunshine off a wristwatch Swedish physical beauty
Offing The deep, distant stretch of the ocean that is still visible from the land; the foreseeable future English nature beauty
Chandamama (చందమామ) Literally "uncle moon"; referring to the moon when admiring it Telugu nature beauty
Ubuntu A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. Zulu beauty character awareness
mångata The roadlike reflection of moonlight on water Swedish nature beauty
Gökotta To rise at dawn in order to go out and listen to the birds sing Swedish nature beauty
Mahj Looking beautiful after having a disease Persian beauty change
Yugen A profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe…and the sad beauty of human suffering. Japanese beauty awareness philosophy
Komorebi (木漏れ日) Lit. wood is ‘leaking’ sunlight; dappled sunlight filtering through leaves. Japanese nature beauty
Psithurism The sound of wind through trees English nature beauty
Eesome Pleasing to the eye English beauty

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