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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Rizq Life's provision of account. Often used in daily speech when someone wasn’t able to achieve something, it wasn’t in their Rizq. Urdu philosophy connection
Seijaku (静寂) Quiet (sei) tranquillity (jaku); silence, calm, serenity (especially in the midst of activity or chaos). Japanese awareness beauty
Milozvučan Having a sweet and gentle voice Croatian attribute physical
Culaccino The mark left on the table by a cold glass Italian physical food
Celístia Brighness from the stars Catalan nature physical
Ubuntu A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. Zulu beauty character awareness
Mono no aware The bittersweetness of a brief and grading moment of transcendent beauty. Japanese beauty
Hoʻoponopono Mutual forgiveness. Hawaiian connection character emotion
Vipāka (विपाक) Ripening; the result, ripening or maturation of karma. Sanskrit growth
Erkelmek Teasing someone with repeating what they say Nogay interaction funny
Pekopeko Bowing one's head repeatedly in a grovelling manner Japanese physical action
Chandamama (చందమామ) Literally "uncle moon"; referring to the moon when admiring it Telugu nature beauty
Anima Soul; spirit; breath; mind Latin positive awareness
Dreikäsehoch A small child who is as tall as three wheels of cheese stacked upon one another German measurement food
Ennui A feeling of being bored and mentally tired caused by having nothing interesting or exciting to do English adverse feeling
Friluftsliv “Free air life,” signifying a fundamental understanding of the positive impact of being in nature Norwegian nature health
Nito-onna A woman so dedicated to her career that she has no time to iron blouses, so dresses only in knitted tops. Japanese society work
Petrichor The smell of earth after rain English nature beauty
Guān xì (關係) Cultivating relationships; reciprocal connections; networking; social karma. Chinese society friends
Vabba To be at home with the kids Swedish family
Abendrot The colour of the sky when the sun is setting German nature beauty
Baadastoor Unaltered, or unchanged, for something that is habitual Urdu change habits
Jaksaa A lack of enthusiasm to do something Finnish adverse habits
Zhaghzhagh The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage Tamil adverse action physical
Mātauranga The comprehension, or understanding of the universe Nogay awareness thinking reflection

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