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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Schnapsleiche So who passed out drunk ("liquor corpse") German adverse event friends
Ohrwurm A melody or song that gets stuck in your head ("ear worm") German life music
Bildung education, formation, acculturation, cultivation, development. German cultural
Wegbier A beer you're having on your way somewhere (i.e. a party) German friends event food
Fernweh To have a yearning to see distant places German travel thinking
Sitzfleisch Having "Sitzfleisch": being persistent enough to complete a tough or big task German strength growth
Torschlusspanik The fear that time is running out on achieving life goals German growth awareness
Sturmfrei Having the house or flat to oneself German event
Waldeinsamkeit The feeling of solitude in the woods German nature beauty
Fisselig Being flustered to the point of incompetence German stress
Erklärungsnot The state of having to quickly explain yourself German action sress
Packesel The person who’s stuck carrying everyone else’s bags on a trip German travel physical
Pantoffelheld Literally "slipper hero"; A man who may act tough in front of his friends but can’t stand up for himself against his wife German family interaction
Treppenwitz Literal: "staircase joke", because the witty retort usually hits you in the stairwell on your way out German funny
Gretchenfrage A direct question with the intention of unveiling the underlying thoughts of the person being questioned German awareness connection
Shadenfreude Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. German feeling adverse
Zugzwang To be forced to make a move even though it will likely to be at your disadvantage German action interaction philosophy
Fingerspitzengefühl Literal: “finger tips feeling", but means an intuitive feel or to have one's finger on the pulse German feeling
Lebensmüde Weary of life German adverse life stress
Konfliktfähigkeit the ability to manage interpersonal conflict constructivly, without becoming personally involved. German growth
Fremdschämen To be embarrassed by something somebody else did German society thinking adverse
Kabelsalat Tangled up cables; literally “cable-salad" German funny physical
Zechpreller Someone who leaves without paying the bill. German adverse event friends
Mauerbauertraurigkeit The unexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who really like you. German friends habits
Spätzünder A person who needs a long time to understands sth/ so who makes belated progress of personal development German adverse

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