Words That Don't Translate
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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Trasnochar To stay up all night Spanish life time event
Apapachar Pamper a person especially when she or he is sad Spanish action
Duende The mysterious power of art to deeply move a person Spanish art feeling emotion
Anteayer Th day before yesteraday Spanish measurement
Consuegro Father in law of your son Spanish family
Merienda It's something you eat between lunch and dinner (sandwich, fruit...). At 6pm or so. Kids never miss it. Spanish food event
Te quiero Similar to "I love you" in a lower level, something that you say to someone and maybe someday it will be "love". For example, It's used with close co workers or in the classroom. Spanish feeling
Ser/Estar The verb 'to be' is two different verbs in Spanish. Ser is 'what you are' and estar is 'how you are/where you are' Spanish attribute
Estrenar The experience of wearing something for the first time Spanish life
Querencia A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home, the place where you are your most authentic self Spanish strength happiness character
Friolero Someone that is very sensitive to cold. That friend that always feel cold. Spanish attribute friends
NoninĂ¡ Triple negation. Means yes, with emphasis. Spanish attribute measurement positive
Gula Gluttony, greed; indulgence; eating simply for the taste (i.e., not from hunger). Spanish adverse
Desvelarse To wake up in the middle of the night. Be unable to fall asleep. Spanish event adverse
sobremesa After-dinner conversation Spanish food friends
Empalagoso Too sweet. Adjective to say you ate something so sweet that you got sick of it. Spanish food adverse change