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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Strikhedonia The joy of being able to say "to hell with it" English positive
Janteloven Jante’s law; a set of social codes or norms that emphasize the importance of collective success rather than individual Norwegian society positive interaction
Bilita Mpash Opposite of a nightmare Bantu positive event
Gigil The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute Tagalog physical positive funny
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu Favorably, please. Japanese positive
Mahalo Thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude as a way of living Hawaiian positive
Lepos Charm, grace, wit, elegance, allure. Latin positive attribute
Mechaye Joy, pleasure; something that gives great joy/pleasure. Yiddish positive
Merak A feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures. It is the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that all add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment. Serbian positive growth
Goesting Looking forward to, can't wait, have an appetite for Dutch positive feeling
Gezelligheid Coziness, fun, the general togetherness that gives people a warm feeling. Dutch friends society positive
Mysig To describe anything with an unexpectedly relaxing vibe Swedish positive
Njuta to deeply enjoy, to profoundly appreciate. Swedish positive
Manna A sudden or unexpected help, advantage, or aid to success English change positive
Levensgenieter Someone who loves life deeply; is devoted Dutch life happiness positive
Acoy Something that is either very positive or negative Indonesian positive measurement
Utepils The act of sitting outside on a sunny day enjoying a beer Norwegian event life positive
Qì zhì (氣质) Quality of character, disposition, style, charm, attractiveness, magnetism. Chinese attribute positive
Mudita The pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being or happiness Sanskrit happiness positive empathy
Rè nào (熱鬧) Not only fun and lively, but also has a special vibe that makes everyone want to be there. Chinese positive music
Ômä (өмә) Collective helping Bashkir society positive
Bon vivant Someone who enjoys and appreciates the good life. French positive happiness
Halyava (Халява) Getting something without working for it Russian luck positive work
Ethanaavadhu "Can't put it any better" Tamil positive
Enxebre Something pure and very authentic Galician positive attribute

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