Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia was built in 24h by Steph. Search 500+ untranslatable words by 70+ languages and 50+ tags, or click refresh to see a new batch. Enjoy!

Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Gattara A woman catlover who feeds alley cats or spends time with domestic cats Italian life society
Rabenmutter A bad mom ("raven mother") German family society adverse
Tachiyomi To stand in a bookstore and read a book without buying it Japanese society funny action
Fika Drinking coffee along with eating something sweet Swedish food society
Hikikomori Reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement Japanese society
Nekama A man who pretends to be a woman on the internet Japanese society
Épater les bourgeois To shock the middle classes French society surprise extreme
Zgabalj Mixture of all the bad things in the world, combined Serbian adverse society
Monachopsis The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place English awareness society
Opia the ambiguous intensity of eye-contact which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable. English society awareness
Nito-onna A woman so dedicated to her career that she has no time to iron blouses, so dresses only in knitted tops. Japanese society work
Qualunquismo Political apathy; people who really don’t care very much about politics and related issues in society Italian society
Linslus Someone who always wants to have their face in a photo. Literal translation: "lens louse" Swedish society
Occhiolism The awareness of the smallness of your perspective English awareness life society
Khaste Nabashid (خسته نباشید) "I hope that you are not tired" Persian society work
Talkoot a collectively pursued/undertaken task; voluntary community work. Finnish event society
Riposo Rest, repose; a nap; cf. siesta. Italian event society
Vypendrivatsja (выпендриваться) To behave in a way that makes one look more important or special than one is, to ride the high horse, to show off Russian character society
Formacja A state of mind and its own culture of a generation Polish society change
Philotimo (φιλότιμο) The inner impulse to act well and in alignment with the moral virtues that represent one's own society and upbringing Greek society character family
Greng-jai The feeling of not wanting to impose Thai feeling society
Crapoter verb. To not take a lungful of a cigarette. French health action society
inssa Short word of insider = trendy people who catch up with the trends Korean society
Weltschmerz Feeling hopeless about the state our world is currently in ("world pain") German adverse society
Mambo Someone that still lives with their mother Swedish family persistence society

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