Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Te quiero Similar to "I love you" in a lower level, something that you say to someone and maybe someday it will be "love". For example, It's used with close co workers or in the classroom. Spanish feeling
Geis Taboo, prohibition; injunction; something you do (or don’t do), upon which your life depends, or which defines your life. Irish change fate
Fika Coffee and cake break with friends or colleagues Swedish food friends
Bixomets Shame on behalf of others Catalan feeling adverse
Psithurism The sound of wind through trees English nature beauty
Presenzialismo Someone who’s preoccupation is to make appearances at social events; the tendency to be present at every social event in order to get noticed. Italian community friends
Tîeow (เที่ยว) To wander or roam around in a carefree way. Thai travel positive change
Hoppilandkalle Guy who jumps to dry land to moor a boat Swedish action
Ghalidan Rolling from side to side as lovers do Persian love action connection
Te (德) Virtue; morality; integrity; inner power. Chinese strength
Se défouler Let off steam to release or get rid of excess energy French energy stress
Vellichor The strange wistfulness of used bookshops English feeling
Pole Sorry; can also express empathy and understanding. Swahili thinking life
Minestra riscaldata Literally "heated soup"; something done again but never as good as the first time it happened. Alternative to cavoli riscaldati (heated cabbage) Italian attribute
Schlimazel A chronically unlucky person Yiddish attribute adverse
Eunoia (εὔνοια) A well-mind; beautiful thinking Greek beauty thinking
Parea A group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences about life, their philosophies, values and ideas. Greek friends philosophical
Tízórai A meal between breakfast and lunch, literally "at ten o'clock" Hungarian food time
Meraki Describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever it may be. Greek emotion strength
Gulugulu The sound of a pitcher filling with water Tulu physical sound
Ta'arof (تعارف) The complicated set of niceties and social rules to be observed as a form of good manners and proper etiquette Persian society interaction
Madrugada The time of day occurring between past midnight and early morning Spanish time measurement
Blunda To close your eyes. Can be used literally or figuratively; refuse to see something. Swedish action
Cwtch Wrapping of your arms around someone to make them feel safe in the world Welsh love connection
Resol That kind of sun light, non direct, when the sun is covered by clouds that still hurts the eyes. Mallorquín nature
Qarrtsiluni Sitting together in the darkness, waiting for inspiration to strike you Iñupiaq awareness thinking reflection
Tokka A large herd of reindeer Finnish nature
Mahj Looking beautiful after having a disease Persian beauty change
Jouska A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head English thinking
kataṟu (கதறு) Helplessly shaking and crying Tamil action adverse

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