Words That Don't Translate

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Word Definition Language Tags Audio
Anánkē (Ανάγκη) destiny, fate, necessity. Greek awareness
Yaqin (يقين) Certitude and freedom from doubt. Arabic feeling awareness
Nameer (نمير) Clear water. Arabic nature attribute
Siftah First sale of the day for merchant Turkish event
Philotimo Love of honour Greek character
Celístia Brighness from the stars Catalan nature physical
Noroke To brag about or sing the praises of the person you love Japanese love emotion
Koev li halev (כואב לי הלב) Literally "my head hurts", but used to convey empathy for someone's suffering Yiddish empathy connection
Boketto The act of gazing vacantly into the distance. Japanese thinking
Eomchina Contraction of the phrase "Mom's friend's son". Academically successful (and possibly wealthy) male student who is the target of envy among others Korean family society work
Kertek The sound of dry leaves or twigs being trodden underfoot Malay sound nature
Kairosclerosis A moment in which you realize that you're happy but simultaneously destroy that happiness by overthinking it English happiness reflection change
Consuegro Father in law of your son Spanish family
Strikhedonia The joy of being able to say "to hell with it" English positive
Celístia Brighness from the stars Catalan nature physical
Layogenic Good looking from a distance Tagalog visual
Sawubona A greeting that means “I see you, you are important to me and I value you” Zulu connection respect
Handschuhschneeballwerfer A person who wears gloves to throw snowballs; a wimp German action attribute
Psithurism The sound of wind through trees English nature beauty
Autophile A person that loves solitude, being alone English character attribute
Beschaulich Quiet, pensive; living a simple life; pleasantly contemplative, unhurried in a fashion that inspires mental well-being. German positive
Kabelsalat Tangled up cables; literally “cable-salad" German funny physical
Zapoi 2+ days of drunkenness usually involving a journey or waking up in an unexpected place Russian funny adverse habits
Nadryv (Надрыв) Literally means "to tear or break", but can also mean the inner tension of someone who is about to break Russian stress emotion
Seny Common sense, is a form of ancestral Catalan wisdom or sensibleness. It involves well-pondered perception of situations, level-headedness, awareness, integrity, and right action Catalan positive character
Tenyérbemászó Literally "palm crawler"; a face begging to be punched Hungarian funny adverse
Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine The longest word in Turkish, meaning, ‘It's as though you are from those whom we may not be able to easily make into a maker of unsucessful ones.’ Turkish attribute
Resol That kind of sun light, non direct, when the sun is covered by clouds that still hurts the eyes. Mallorquín nature
Donaldkacsázás Translated as “Donald ducking” or wandering around one’s house with a shirt but no trousers Hungarian funny action
Bwisit Something/someone ruined your day or mood Tagalog emotion adverse

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